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SXL Round Two - One Misstep by evafortuna SXL Round Two - One Misstep by evafortuna
Arden was surprised to find out his competitor for the round was Aislynn Brontes. He had seen her around, she was staying in the dorms the same has he was. Of course, he hadn't talked to her. All the time he spent hanging around Arcelor hall was mostly watching as others made connections and friends. Besides his pokemon, he didn't talk to most others.

The Hall was packed this time, the turnout for the event much higher than the first time. He had trained his new pokemon hard but the Stunky was still stubborn. Still it would be a better option than Kernel. Every time he tried to get the Bonsly to battle it ended in tears, real or fake.

Aislynn smiled, her red eyes gleaming as she took position opposed to him. "Lancelot, Go!" Arden smiled too; he hoped he'd get a chance to fight her Escavalier. He told Nip to start with Swords dance. Lancelot followed up with a megahorn, then barely countered her Iron Head. In the end Nip's X-Scissor was stronger than his and he went down.

Arden sent out his Carracosta, Chill next, while Keenan the Bisharp was already standing on the other side. Arden frowned. "You can do this Keenan! I trust you!" Aislynn called out. "Call up a Blizzard, Chill!" The Carracosta stomped the ground, kicking up dirt and rocks. A frozen wind swept over the rocky arena. Aislynn ordered Keenan to use Psycho Cut. The psychic blades spun out from Bisharp's arm blades, catching Chill off guard. Arden called for Carracosta but it seemed stunned, allowing Keenan ample time to Dig a hole. One well timed hit later and Chill was down for the count.

The final matchup was Mr. Tubbs the Stunky against Aislynn's Lopunny Luthien. At first they seemed wildly outmatched. Mr. Tubbs' Snarl seemed to have no effect and Luthien's Low Kick and Sweep came fast and furious to Mr. Tubbs' face. Finally something seemed to click in him. "Come on Tubbs! You know you have this, we don't have to use the last resort. When she comes in low again, use Acid Spray!" The fat little Stunky danced from side to side, waiting until the Lopunny came in close. Then it swung its' rear around, giving her a spray right to the face. Luthien fainted and the match was called.

Aislynn, Luthien, Keenan and Lancelot du Lac are (c):iconairanke:
Arden, Nip, Chill and Mr. Tubbs (c) Me
Nintendo owns Pokemon


Airanke Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ODShfuaosufhasodfhsdaf I'm just going to sit here and gush for a few minutes because this is so nice!! OMG I LOVE THE SURRENDER FLAG ON LANCELOT'S LANCE AHAHAHA!! Such a nice little touch!! Man I really love how you draw Aislynn ahhhh :heart:
evafortuna Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The fact that you like it makes me happy. It's all I could have hoped with such a late entry!
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December 17, 2012
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